Friday, February 8, 2008

Just four Girls

That's right, just four girls. The boys left this morning to do a prophecy conference in Oklahoma, and I am flying out in the morning to St. Louis. But tonight--Girls' night. Amanda is coming over for our slumber party and will stay here while I am gone. Tonight we are having a tea party, and then we are going to sit and chat (probably silently as we sign). We will probably sing for a while around the piano, and then maybe pray a bit. I'm sure it will be the wee hours of the morning before we finally fall into bed, and we will enjoy every minute.

As I was setting the table this afternoon in preparation, I decided to choose the Old Country Roses Four Seasons cups. It is a rare collection that I have had for many years, and I don't use them much, but today seemed appropriate. There will be 4of us, and each of us is in a different season of life. Now, I am NOT saying that I am in the winter season while Bethani is in the spring. (insert laughter here) Nevertheless, we are each at different stages. I want God to help me to appreciate the different stages. There are some parts of each that are enjoyable and some not so enjoyable. Isn't it strange how many times we can only see the miserable parts of the stage that we are currently in, and look back and only see the fun parts of the past stages? We all know that there were difficult times then. We can look forward and dream about how it will be rosy one day... we know that there will be problems then too.

"Jesus, thank you for my family, my friends, and my friends that are like family. Please help me to enjoy the right now. Forgive me for wishing away the present in hopes of an elusive tomorrow. Help me to enjoy the present you have given me."

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Shannon said...

lovely set, Melisa!

Have a beautiful time of love, fellowship and signing!

Sounds refreshing.