Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Texas English Proficiency

In just 9 days, I will embark on the monolithic task of passing the Texas English Proficiency Test. The manifold vocabulary lists from which I am to study seem interminable. My assiduous studies have left me wishing for supine reprieve. I am not looking to exonerate myself. I realize that my perfunctory procrastination is incontrovertible. I remain solely culpable for my situation. My friend, on the other hand has been a paragon, as her salient efforts have allowed her to subjugate the book "1100 Words You Should Know." Her erudite tendencies are inate.

Before I succumb to a paroxysm of histrionics, which would only serve to exacerbate rather than ameliorate my current situation, I solicit your fervent prayer on my behalf. With that in mind, I will walk into the testing room with temerity believing that God is indeed on my side regardless of my virtuosity

I am fairly certain that the anxiety that I now feel is just a harbinger to what I will experience in August when I go for the final expressive sign language exam.

(Please forgive me if this has been ostentatious. It has served as an au courant review.)