Monday, February 9, 2009

School Woes

It has been a long time...I know. Our life has just become so very crowded, and I am afraid this is how it will be until spring--at which time, you may hear more from me. You see I have just begun my final round at college. In order to make this the last one, I have taken an extra heavy load. I keep reminding myself that May is coming, and when it gets here, I will be a better interpreter.

Additionally, I am starting a new Bible study on Wednesday afternoons. I am very excited about this. After all, if I am too busy to teach a Bible study, I am too busy.

Tiffani is taking Deaf Culture and Fingerspelling and Numbers. I have class on Monday and Wednesday, (after my Bible study, and before church) while she and Raphalen, (a good friend) have class on Tuesday. On Thursday, the three of us leave home at 3:00, and don't get back until about 11:00. It is a long, very long evening. Thankfully Craig is able to hold the fort while we are gone.

As far as practicum goes...I seriously doubt that I will meet the required 200 observation intern hours. It is really a sad thing--I would like to take advantage of those learning opportunities, but really, people, there are just so many hours in a day. Keep in mind, May is coming.

Craig is busy preaching out every weekend. I miss not going with him, especially when he is flying to other states, but during this season of my life, I must attend to other duties. There will come a time when we will again travel together.

For now, Bethani is excited about planning her birthday sleepover. I'm sure I will have pictures and stories to share...