Friday, February 1, 2008


Apparently one of Bethani's friends has taken up crochet, and suddenly Bethani really wanted to learn. I saw that Hobby Lobby had their yarn on sale for $.99 per skein, so she took some of her money, bought a skein and a 'stick.' I'm sorry to say that this skill skipped my generation. I have never even tried to crochet. I'm not sure I have the patience for it.

Wednesday afternoon on the way to my college class, Bethani sat in the back seat watching Tiffani crochet (who learned 5 years ago) and trying to copy her. It looked very awkward for her. After about 5 minutes, I realized that she was trying to copy her EXACTLY. "Oh, baby, Tiffani is left handed, try putting your 'stick' in your right hand." She switched hands and said, "Oh, that feels much better."

By the time my class was over 2 hours later, she was stitching a chain so fast, I couldn't keep up with her fingers! She is now working on a scarf, then she wants to make bookmarkers. Ater that...? Maybe she will feel ambitious and make a baby blanket for her new cousin.

For now it is serving as motivation for her to finish her school work early so she can sit and crochet. Our Friday night plans include: a simple dinner, fire, books, yarn, soft music, family.

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Shannon said...

How fun! The picture is cute. Crocheting is something we'd like to learn someday.

Knitting is something my daughter and I love to do together. Even my son begged to learn. His first knitting project was a soccer net for his legos! hee hee