Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

What a wonderful time we are having with our family. Here is a peek into our Christmas day:

My Cousin

This is my 5th cousin: Alexis Mercedes Benz

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year, our family decided to try something new with our Thanksgiving meal. Okay, actually I came up with the idea. It was a good one, and I think it all went well. Here it is: Everyone is to take ownership of one of the food items. It was their responsibility to find the recipe, gather the ingredients, prepare the item, clean up after themselves, and present the dish on the table. Since this was just the first year, it went fairly well. I kept charge of the turkey and gravy and made a sesame asparagus salad; Craig decided to bake sweet potato casserole; Bethani cut up the bread and baked the cornbread for the stuffing; Jeremi was in charge of the mashed potatoes (and did a great job even without a mixer)(wouldn't you know it, our Kitchenaid died just one month ago); and Tiffani and Jeremi together made the Cranberry chutney. Our new friend, Jason Talley joined us for our Thanksgiving meal, and he brought a chicken shepherds's pie.

When we sat down, (after taking multiple pictures) we followed our tradition of passing around the taper candle, and listing the things we were most grateful for. We were all grateful for the things that we have: the Holy Ghost, truth, family, friends, home, things. I added this year the things I was grateful for things that I don't have: sickness, disease, poverty, debt, etc.

After all of the dishes were washed, dried, and put away, we did what we always do: Sit in the living room floor surrounded by the sale ads, and map our our plan of action for the next day. It seems every year we are waking earlier and earlier to seize the opportunity of sales. This year was no exception. Craig was up first, and headed to Walmart for the $130 Kitchenaid mixer to replace ours. Because there were only six mixers, and several greedy people, he did not push and shove to get one of those, but he and Bethani did get a GREAT bargain on one at Kohls. Tiffani and Jeremi went to Firewheel mall with Jason, (apparently Aldo was having an incredible sale) and I went to several stores that I can't mention (don't want to spoil any surprises).

God has truly been good to us this year, and we are so thankful.

The day after Thanksgiving, Homestead Heritage always has a huge craft festival, and this year was our second year to enjoy it. Click HERE for last year's experience. This year we enjoyed the various choirs, and the very skilled orchestra and craftsmen. Also, the kids handcrafted some Christmas gifts (shhh)and enjoyed some organic, (somewhat) healthy treats. The simplicity of the lives of those at Homestead Heritage is always enticing and inspiring. After hanging around them for a couple of days, we came home with a desire for greater godly character.

We stayed Friday night in an RV, and for Craig and I it was the first time since we had sold ours. What great memories and flashbacks that inspired. Some day...

Saturday night we were in our own beds, and Sunday morning we traveled to Gunbarrel City for church. We are true Texans now that we have been to Gunbarrel City. And, what an initiation some of us got! I won't go into all of the details except to say that it included two girls, four wheels, and a lake; a boy and a broken chain; a very windy day, mud, shivers, scratches, and bruises. (Don't worry Grammy and Nana, the only thing really hurt was a little pride.) (I don't know why, but they have invited us back for an Easter weekend that includes a tail, a mane, and four legs. I'll be sure to post about that.)