Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 at Homestead Heritage

This year on the day after Thanksgiving after we did our usual 5am shopping, we headed down to Homestead Heritage in Waco. In spite of the inclement weather, we had a wonderful 2 days.

You will notice that I am not a part of the petting animal experience. Thanks Amanda for stepping in for me.

Bethani learning to cross stitch. She is going to use her new talents for Christmas gifts.

Jeremi at the silversmith's shop making a gold spoon.

The Homestead has many resident artisans, and one of them is a skilled blacksmith. It was here that we watched him form a metal candle holder from a steel rod. With continual heating and beating and shaping and forming, something useful was created. (That sounds like something that will preach.)

Tiffani's basket

Jeremi's Watercolor Leaf

Tiffani & Abigail

They spent the night in the RV behind the Wheeler's house. Apparently the 4 girls stayed up late into the night giggling.

Jeremi & Joshua

Joshua has a lot to teach Jeremi. Just take a look at the walls of his room!

This was Bethani's first time to milk a cow. We bought a gallon of this raw milk, and will make butter and yogurt out of it. (If we can keep Craig out of the jar!)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Romeo, Where Art Thou Romeo?

Yesterday was quite a fun day at my school. My assignment was to act out a college level literature drama. I chose Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Jessica, another girl in my class was my project partner. We talked about it and decided that Craig would be a much better Romeo than she when it came to the kissing part, so Craig graciously agreed to come to my college class, kiss me, declare his love for me, ask me to marry him, and then die for me. It was all very dramatic and very romantic. I guess you had to have been there...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Party

Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate this day with us.

The party was a huge success, almost 50 people showed up, making Tiffani feel so special.

Take a look at this brief story of her life:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birthday Party Prep

We are right now in the throes of planning a Sweet Sixteen party for our, well, our Sweet Sixteen. My mom and grandma will be flying in today, and my dad will fly in tomorrow. On our way back from the airport tomorrow, we will join Craig at a restaurant of said Sweet Sixteen's choice, and the festivities will begin! I will certainly fill in all of the details when the dust settles.