Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vision Forum

I recently came across a catalog put out by Vison Forum, a trusted FAMILY company who is on the same same page I am when it comes to family values. It is a company started by a Doug Phillips, his wife Beall, and their 8 children: Joshua, Justice, Liberty, Jubilee, Faith, Honor, Providence, and Virginia. They have been doing this for 10 years, and now there are more than 50 people pictured in their "staff" picture! They sell whole books that convey, in their words:

The importance of distinctively Christian education through presuppositionally biblical training and parent-to-child discipleship; by pointing fathers to their duties as household shepherds and women to the nobility of femininity, industry, motherhood, and home; by reminding Christian men of their duty to sacrifice for "women and children first"; and by encouraging a culture of virtuous boyhood and girlhood.


Can you believe they even have an American Girl Doll alternative?? You can see their online catalog here. Last night I told Craig, "If I just had tons of money, I would buy everything in this catalog!!!"

We don't

So, instead, we took the catalog to our library. They had several of the books we found in the catalog, and we are going to try inter-library loans in the Dallas area. We are also scouring the web for more of these hidden gems. Jeremi has especially enjoyed the first G.A. Henty novel: The Cat of Bubastes. It is set in 1250 B.C., and apparently the main character meets up with Moses in Egypt.

Cool, huh??


Shannon said...


We love those Vision Forum catalogs! The kids pour over them until they have everything memorized. This past Christmas we purchased about 90% of our gifts from their website. hee hee

Have you tried the Jonathan Park audio CDs? My kids learn so much from them. They have each episode memorized with the exception of #5 - they don't have that one yet. We are using their study guides along with some other materials for our science this year. (I'm required by law to teach evolution this year...so we are...Jonathan Park style.)

Today we were excited to find some of the Daughters of Faith books at our local library! I've also discovered another series of chapter books for girls or boys. They are adventure/mystery books that are faith based. The author is Pamela Walls. All books begin with the word ABBEY, who is the main character. Have you seen these before?

Ok, I can already tell that if we ever meet we'll talk all day. Next time you come this way, we'll have to meet for some organic, herbal tea! :)


Melisa said...

Thank you so much for the tips. I almost bought the Jonathan park CDs, but backed out at the last minute. They were having a Christmas special, but it was still a little more than we could afford. I'm sure we will eventually get them.

We will meet up, and we will have tea. Perhaps in May?? I'll give you more details when flight arrangements have been solidified.

Until then...

On My Mind said...

Thanks so much for providing a link to the catalog! I can't wait to look at it, and I hope that our local library has some of the items. What a great resource!

Shannon said...

Vision Forum is having a fabulous sales right now. :)

Look forward to that cup of tea in May.