Monday, January 28, 2008

Home Missions

This weekend our family headed 3 hours south to Temple, Texas (just south of Waco) to minister in two home missions churches. It was a very humbling experience. I was once again reminded of who the real heroes are among us.

Saturday night and Sunday afternoon we were at Abundant Life Church with Bro. & Sis. Carter. They started this church just 3 years ago, and already have a building and about 20 people.

Sunday morning we drove north about 20 minutes to be with Bro. & Sis. Wolfe. Because of sickness in their church, there were only 8 people besides our family. After church the Wolfe's invited us to their mobile home for dinner before driving south again to the Carter's church.

I was so thankful to have our kids with us. Saturday night Bethani boldly stood and testified (something you don't hear of much anymore--especially in a large church setting.) Tiffani and Jeremi joined me and we sang a trio. (We teased Jeremi that this was his debut). My kids so generously 'shared' their 'sick germs' (as one of them used to call it when they were little) and after the first night, I was unable to sing at all. Tiffani stepped up to the plate and sang while I played on Sunday. Both churches were without music, and we did our best to help with the worship services. It was such good experience for my kids. Jeremi even got to play the drums! Craig delivered his heart to the people, and built their faith. They said that we encouraged them, but the truth of the matter is, we were the benefactors. We left humbled and inspired.

Both of these couples have young children, and are working secular jobs and working in their communities in order to cultivate the church God has called them to plant. They are spending the prime years of their lives sacrificing to build the Kingdom of God. Wow! These are the unsung heroes and my hat is off to them.

By the end of Sunday afternoon's service, we realized that, if we would hurry, we might be able to make it for the last part of our home church service in Dallas. The message last night was powerful and called each one of us to do trust God and step out in bold acts of sacrifice. I do believe God is trying to speak to me.

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Shannon said...


I agree!

Home missionaries sacrifice daily. I thank God for every home missions work that hasn't given up. My favorite home missionary will always be the late Pastor Richard Lucas who was like a grandfather to me as a child. It's because of his love & dedication to souls that I'm in church today!

Some of our best friends are home missionaries here in CA and they are some of the greatest people on earth. They have such a passion for the lost. It's contagious!

Thanks for this post reminding us who some of the heroes among us are.