Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Day of...Kindergarten?


Okay. So she is too old to be sending off to Kindergarten, but I never did send her off into the big bad world alone to fight all by herself. This is a first. But, I did it. We of course had to do the prayer for protection and Godly influence as well as pictures and 'mo-om' (drawn out in a whiny voice as only an impatient, slightly embarrased teenager can do.) She opened the door, got out, and stayed in that building without my supervision until I came to get her 4 hours later.

Okay. She is 15 1/2 and this was her first day in the real workplace. Yes, my 15 yr old now has a part-time summer job that will probably extend through the school year next year (thanks to the flexible schedule homeschooling provides.) She did well, and was a big hit with the owner and the clients. (Like that is any surprise considering her happy sanguine personality.)

Okay. So she doesn't look much different in the 'after' picture, but this was another big step. She has now officially taken one more step toward independance. I am proud of her. She is a beautiful young lady inside and out, and I am proud to be introduced as her mom.


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