Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Wow, did I ever feel cherished and pampered on this Mother's Day. Our day started with a beautiful service at church to which I wore a new suit (tailored by yours truly). When we got home from church, I lay down for a nap and the next thing I knew, Tiffani was waking me up with "dinner's on the table, mom."
She had made a huge sushi dinner all by herself, and I got a double portion thoughtfully set on the red plate.
It truly was the best meal I had enjoyed in a very long time! Bethani had a beautiful assortment of decorated packages and gifts for me to open which I did between delicious bites of sushi. After dinner, Craig washed the dishes, Tiffani made me a large goblet of banana milk, and Bethani gave me a foot massage. (Tiffani took over after a while using Amanda's Magnasagger.)
Our pastor had sent me 18 Roses and Tiffani had already told Craig that he was going to have to work hard to 'one up' the pastor. So, Craig bought me a climbing rose bush so I will have roses all summer long. (He even told me it comes with free labor!) I truly feel like a blessed woman!

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