Monday, February 5, 2007

Mother/Son Date

And now it was Jeremi's turn. Tiffani spent the day with Rochelle on Sunday afternoon so that Jeremi and I could have some alone time. He picked an Indian restaurant that some of our Indian friends had recommended called Chettinaad Palace. It was a buffet, so we were able to sample everything and then go back for the things that we really liked. I'll have to say, most of their food is incredibly hot! Our favorite turned out to be the coconut curry chicken. (I tried not to think about how many fat grams it must have.)

Jeremi was a perfect gentleman, holding the door, waiting for me, picking up 2 plates from the stack and offering me one, a young man I am proud of. We don't get to go out very often, but when we do, it is very special. After dinner, I asked him what he wanted to do, and he suggested that he would like a new tie to match his new shirt. We went to Syms and found a great match.

This was our last day of Teen Week. Craig and Bethani landed at DFW at 11:18, so now it is back to our usual routine. Something feels different with Jeremi though. He seems to have matured some as a result of our 'date.' I know these are rough and turbulent adolescent times moving from childhood into adulthood. I continue to ask God to give me wisdom to help navigate these unchartered waters.

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