Friday, February 23, 2007

Build A Bear

February 22, 2007: Bearali was brought into this world by a very excited birthday Bethani. "We share the same birthday" she says.

It was quite a process, mind you. First, the bear skin must be chosen.

Then any music or sounds must be added, and then there is the heart ceremony and the stuffing.

Every newborn must have a first bath.

And then there was shopping for bear clothes... Everyone knows that bears must be in modest fashion! Bethani especially liked this denim dress.

As with any newborn, we had to have a name before we left the 'hospital.' Now, this was no easy task, seeing that we have a set of guidelines for names in our house. Every dependent in our home must have a name consisting of 3 syllables and an 'i' at the end. Thus: Tiffani, Jeremi, Bethani, Emili, Melodi, Chariti, and now, Bearali.

She used her $25 Build-A-Bear gift card from Marissa to pay for Bearali and Grammy & Grandpa's b-day money to finish up the rest.

She was a very careful shopper, and used her money wisely--thinking through each purchase.

When we got home, we duplicated Bethani's birthday shirt for Bearali, and gave her a little jean skirt.

What a fun afternoon this was.


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