Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bethani's 8th Birthday Sleep-Over

Bethani had a great sleepover last night. We encouraged the boys to find something 'MANLY' to do, and then we girls had the house to ourselves. There were 5 little girls in all: Bethani, Emily, Keilani, Shanna and Marissa. We started out with a tea party, and then they all voted to get right into their 'jammies.' They came back all comfy cozy and we sang happy birthday with the cake and candles. Bethani opened her presents. She got a purse, pens, journal, Polly Pockets, and a $25 gift card to Build-A-Bear. That will be another day of fun!

At one point, Bethani ran downstairs into the kitchen where I was washing dishes and squealed: "Yeah!! My wish came true! I'm having a sleep-over!!!

Someone suggested Monopoly, and that lasted for a while. Then it was upstairs to play make-believe princesses. Somehow that turned into playing babies, and before you know it, here it was 11:00. I suggested we drag all of the mattresses into the school room so everyone could sleep with their heads together. The last of the pretty little eyes closed about 12:45. (I had to crawl under the covers with a few of them to encourage sleep to come.)

I woke up to giggles about 7:30, and decided I better get the pancakes cooking. They especially enjoyed the banana-orange-mango smoothie. We quickly cleaned the upstairs, found lost socks and (oops someone forgot a pair of shoes) then I fixed hair. One by one parents came, and then before you know it, the house was back to normal--well, as normal as normal can be after having 4 extra little squiggly bodies. It was a lot of fun!

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