Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday's Tow Truck

Pow! "What was that?" Craig said. "I guess there was something in the road that I didn't see."

This Sunday was a typical preaching out weekend for us. We were only 1 hour away in Lewisville with Pastor and Sister Sales. Generally, by the time the last Amen is said on a Sunday night, I am ready to head for my bed. Yesterday was no exception, and as is normally the case, I was the 'mean ol mom' that said "no" to going out to eat with the pastor after church.

We had only been on the road for 5 minutes when we heard the loud "Pow!" We continued to exit the highway in search of a Taco Bell drive thru (they were 'starving to death' you know.) As we came off the exit ramp, the car began acting really strangely. The lightbulb came on in Craig's head and he said, "Oh, I know what it is, we blew a tire!" We pulled into the first parking lot we could find, got out, and sure enough, there it was--flat as a pancake!

Not to worry, though, we had a spare tire in the trunk and two strong, capable men to change it. (The directions folded up in the case of the jack didn't hurt anything either.) We girls just stood back and watched the men do their manly work. It all would have worked out great...if the spare had air in it. Ahm...

Not to worry, though, we have kept up our roadside assistance insurance since our trailer traveling days, and now we were going to get a return on that investment. (There went my goal of being in my own bed by 10:15.) Craig made the phone call, and then came back and told us that it could take up to 45 minutes for the tow truck to arrive. I took the pins out of my hair, shed my shoes, and curled up for a nap. I was jarred awake by the door slamming, and the bright emergency lights of the tow truck. We all got out of the car, and I plopped down on the sidewalk in my Sunday Best as we all watched the 20 minute drama of hoisting my dream car onto the bed of the tow truck. Craig's plan was to go to a nearby gas station and fill the tire with air, and then be on our way home. This was not to be. Apparently, one must fill the tire with air BEFORE putting it on the car.

NOW WHAT TO DO??? All 6 of us piled into the cab of the tow truck and bounced 50 minutes home. (Sorry Craig about your legs.)


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