Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night Live

What a great time we all had at the Saturday Night Live at Oak Cliff Bible Church. This is a quarterly event in which Dallas area Deaf ministries get together for a Deaf concert, or singspiration (what you call it depends on what generation you are from.) I know, you are thinking, how can this be??? They turn the sound tracks up really loud so the Deaf can feel the vibrations, and many times there is a hearing person on the floor supporting the Deaf signers on the platform. Seeing the beautiful ASL from these Deaf Christians is amazing. And, I always enjoy the soul music they choose--always a few from Kirk Franklin. I copy-signed for Chanelle, my Deafblind friend. They were very interested to see this white girl try to copy what was being signed on the platform.

We had a great representation from North Cities this time, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I noticed toward the end of the concert, the men had stood and were talking among themselves in the back. I suppose this was a "meeting of the male minds": 'we come to humor our wives...'

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