Thursday, August 28, 2008


Okay, so when I got back from Austin, I immediately took my 2 final exams, passed with 2 A's, and then began packing 5 suitcases for California. We spent 12 days in the Pismo Beach area. We did a prophecy conference and visited with Craig's family. It was on this trip that we got to meet our new niece/cousin. Craig helped to officiate Savannah's dedication.

Before I left for Austin, I pleated a bishop for my new niece, Savannah, and worked on it until the moment the plane touched down. (I had to work on the bonnet after we arrived.) Here she is wearing the finished product.

We spent some quality family time at an apple orchard. The Gala apples were the best!

Grammy was determined to have a bonfire on the beach at night. It would have been chilly, but the fire kept us warm. I know the kids will never forget it.

Here we are doing what we really enjoy.

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