Saturday, August 2, 2008

18 Years

Monday will mark 18 years of marriage to the most wonderful man in the world. Craig and I celebrated today by shopping for each other and then dining at our all-time favorite Japanese restaurant.

I am so proud to call him my husband. Not only is he an incredibly handsome gentleman, he is also a dedicated and faithful man of God. The fact that he is a preacher is just a bonus.

Just this week I was talking with Tiffani about the time in my life when I was seeking out a life partner. I have to tell you that none of the other men I was interested in could hold a candle to this one. I think the main thing that attracted me was his love for prayer. I saw some things in him that I lacked yet desired. I rationalized in my mind that if I would hang out with him enough, maybe some of that devotion would rub off on me. When I made a list of the positive and negative things about Craig it looked like this:

Positive things:

Loves God
Wakes at 2:30 every day for 4 hours of prayer
Knows the Bible
Is called to preach
Keeps his dorm neat and tidy
Is faithful
Diligent worker
Adores me

Negative things:

Wears overalls
Enjoys Murell Ewing type of music

After seeing this list on paper, I couldn't deny that this was marriage material. Surely I could modify his taste in clothes and music. And, if not, I could learn to live with that. When it came to the important things in life, he had his priorities straight. I have never regretted my decision. God truly smiled on me when He put Craig into my life. I will forever be grateful. "Thank you God for ordering my steps all along the way."

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