Monday, June 18, 2007

Crusader Camp

I promised to update you on all the happenenings around here, so here goes:

Last Monday, I took a van load of kids to Lufkin, Texas for church camp. There were 12 of us in the van for the ride there, and just two of us came back home. Jeremi and I had a chance to talk--just the two of us, and it was good. All went smoothly, even the Taco Bell stop.(Ordering for 10 kids could be a bit intimidating!) Tiffany Ramirez was a HUGE help. She stayed as the dorm matron, and they had a wonderful time.

This was Bethani's first time to go to camp as a 'registered, bona fide camper' and she was SO EXCITED!! Bro. Loyd Squires was the camp speaker, and everyone knows he is just phenomenol with the kids. Bethani told me somewhere around 90 kids received the Holy Ghost! Thank God for this precious truth. This Holy Ghost experience is real!!

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