Saturday, January 27, 2007

Teen Saturday

Our Saturday morning started out verrrrryyyyy slooooowwwww, just like all Saturdays should. You know, no scurrying around to get to school. Just nice and easy. We managed to make and eat our traditional banana pancakes by 11:00, and then headed out to the DPS to get Tiffani's driving permit. How disappointing to get there only to find out that they don't have Saturday hours. We decided at that point to go shopping at Old Navy to soften the blow.

On the way home we took a poll for lunch. We decided on sushi at home. Lex got a crash course in rolling his own, and now he claims that he will be hitting his mom up to buy the paraphanalia to do it at his house.

I took them all to Bro. Dyral's house later that evening for a youth party, and then headed out to Firewheel for some shopping of my own. Jeremi is going home with Lex, so it will be just us two girls getting ready for church in the morning.

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