Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Altar Call

I would venture to say that there are few things that grab at a mother's heart than to see two of her offspring genuinely loving and helping each other in need.

This picture was taken last Sunday at our church. We were having a great service when one of the young people went up to the front to pray with her brother. Then two sisters walked forward hand in hand to pray with each other. The next thing we knew, the altar was filled with young people praying for each other. I motioned to Tiffani that Jeremi was praying, and immediately she came to pray with him. Within a few minutes, both of them were crying and pouring their heart out to God. Sis. Kathy, the principal of the Christian school came down, took Jeremi's hand, and led him and Tiffani to the front of the church--right in front of the pulpit. He continued praying fervently, speaking fluently in that Heavenly language for a very long time. When Bethani spied what was going on, she made a beeline for her siblings, and joined in the combined effort. Together, they were a picture of unity. Bro. Murell said to Craig and I (who were standing a comfortable distance nearby) "You must be one proud daddy!"

Now, before you get any lofty 'Little House on the Prairie' ideas, let me assure you that they are normal siblings, complete with rivalry. That particular day had been an especially rough one around our house. It can be rough getting through adolescence. When I told one of my friends that Jeremi was definitely 12, she responded, "And he is good at it?" Well said.

Wow, God knows just when to show up. This was exactly what our home needed, and I thank God for stepping in and helping us along the way. Things have been better since then. I know there are more rough roads ahead, but the same God who has seen us through to this point will be the same God who sees us all the way to the end. I know that God has a very special plan for Jeremi. His sweet, sensitive personality just lends itself to ministry. I can't wait to see what God molds him to be.

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