Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday Tiffani!!

Nana and Papa flew in one week early to begin the celebration week. We ate at her favorite restaurant: Macaroni Grill. What a blessing to have family that is so involved in our lives!

What a great week she had. It started with her favorite: riding horses.
Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Even when the horses started running and it didn't look like they were going to stop. Even when the horses had them pressed against the barbed wire fence. Even when it was bumpy. Even when they got off and could hardly walk. Even when, one week later, ankles are battered and bleeding from the ride. They say, "It was worth it."

It is hard to buy surprises for a teenager, so she knew most of her presents.
We did manage to surprise her with a jacket that she had been drooling over. "The White Jacket"

The day after her birthday, Nana flew in again for a day of shopping and lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. What fun that was, just the girls. After we took her back to the airport, Tiffani and I finished up our shopping at Arlington Mills.

Well, she is 17 now. A beautiful 17! It seems to agree with her. Her spirit is as beautiful as she is, and I love her.


Jaime G said...

It's hard to believe that Craig and Pierre went to CLC around the same time and yet you guys can have a daughter that is now 17!!! We still feel 21 inside =) How in the world can our friends have teenagers??? LOL. She looks BEAUTIFUL and I'm glad she had such a special birthday.

Jaime G

The Davis Family said...

I'm with Tiffani-I LUV Macaroni Grill! I miss having one in our area! Sounds like delicious food and fun! Take care!! Happy belated to Tiffani-17 WOW!~!!