Friday, October 5, 2007

General Conference, Tampa, Florida

This year for General Conference, my mom flew here to Dallas to stay with our kids while Craig and I flew to Tampa.
In an effort to conserve in the finanace department, we opted to stay with my cousin, Lloyd and his wife who live just one hour from the convention center. It turned out to be a wonderful bonus to our trip. Lloyd has just recently (4 years ago) prayed back through to the Holy Ghost, and married a beautiful lady. We got to know Lori and her two boys on this trip. God blessed their home with an adorable little girl, and I just ate her up! !

Lacy is definitely one of a kind. It was so much fun watching her learn the few signs that I taught her last week: milk, eggs, toast, amen!

As is my custom, I went to the minister's wives banquet with my friend Denise Borders. She has just won the breast cancer battle, and I am so proud of her.

We had our yearly lunch date with the Barnes from Fort Lauderdale. It was quite an adventure navigating through the Jamaican fare.

A few of our CLC alumni got together one night after church for pizza at the Embassy Suites, and we stayed and reconnected until 1:30! (It was a long ride home that night.)

We saw so many good friends, got a word from God...

ate some great sushi and Thai food, heard some inspiring preaching, and yet... far the most incredible thing that happened at General Conference this year was the 587 that received the Holy Ghost and the 92 that were baptized in Jesus' name!

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