Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grammy & Grandpa

Well, Grammy and Grandpa just left this morning to go back home to California. We had such a lovely visit with them. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were several evenings of just sitting around the living room in the evening just talking and enjoying each other's company. I had to bow out of most of them because of a serious sickness that came over me the day after they arrived.

Grandpa treated us to a Sunday lunch at Tokyo One and on Monday helped Jeremi set up a work-out routine on the weights. Grammy and Jeremi continued their eternal game of chess in their quest of becoming champions.

Grammy helped us a lot in the backyard. We bought 3 trees, and did a lot of landscaping. It looks nice now, but when everything grows and matures and blooms, it is going to be beautiful!!

We are sad to see them go, but look forward to their next visit.

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